Welcome to HornAudio, where sound sounds like magic

I, Marcel, share my passion for music and my journey from musician with the band Rapalje to the founder of HornAudio. My experiences on stage have taught me how essential good sound is.

Music is a universal language that connects people, and I want to give you the opportunity to experience sound in its purest form, so you can enjoy the sounds as the musicians intended.

The HornAudio system is designed to reproduce this live experience in any environment. In doing so, I combine craftsmanship with pure passion to give you an authentic sound experience.

“Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Arthur C. Clarke


My interest in sound and technology started at a young age. As a child, I disassembled anything that could reproduce sound to investigate and improve it. This led to building my own sound systems for home and studio use and developing a PA system for Rapalje. Several PA systems followed, each with its own story and development. In 2009, HornAudio was founded to integrate the high-end features of my PA system into a new product suitable for all applications, home use, semi-professional, and professional use.


My musical journey now evolves into creating a revolutionary modular high-end sound system, the heart of HornAudio. This system is like a masterpiece. It is the result of years of refined craftsmanship, where technology and the art of sound come together. This is not only audible but also visible in the design where customization can be realized in every finishing detail.


The system is modular, adaptable, and suitable for any situation. It can be expanded from very small to large and to a professional PA system. The system grows with you, it moves with you and your life. With every new experience or space, HornAudio adapts, to bring the magic of music, in all its purity, to your world.


The HornAudio system is sustainably built, designed to last a lifetime. By innovatively using 3D printing technologies, we can produce materials on demand, minimizing waste. By using reusable parts, we contribute to a circular production cycle, reducing our ecological impact.


Every HornAudio set is made with hands and heart. I collaborate with various companies and sectors, and part of my production work goes to social workshops. I give guest lectures at schools throughout the Netherlands and am an authorized training location for interns. In this way, we create not only high-end sound but also social value.


Individuals and companies can come to me for advice on improving acoustics and achieving good sound. In addition, I provide information on regulations and playing music in public spaces.


Feel free to explore our world of pure sound. Discover our products, read about our technology, and share in the knowledge I have gained over the years. Experience with us the power of sound in its most authentic forms.

Hearing is believing

At HornAudio, advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Hearing is believing. If you are interested in sharing knowledge or experiencing the pure essence of sound, please contact us for an unforgettable listening session, advice, or to plan a guest lecture.

At the following locations, you can also find and listen to the HornAudio system:

Museum Café Het Pomphuis Groningen

Café de Burcht Groningen

Grand Theatre Groningen

O’Ceallaigh Irish Pub Groningen

Het Forum Groningen

Paleis het Loo Juniorpaleis