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Horn Audio sounds like magic
Sounds like magic
Discover the Magic of Sound and Music

Discover the Magic of Sound and Music

Welcome to Horn Audio

where music sounds like magic. My name is Marcel, and in this video, I want to hear from you about what you would like to know about sound and music.

How it began

For the past 40 years, I’ve been involved in music and performing in theaters. I’ve been a part of making LP’s, CD’s, and you can also find the music I’m talking about on Spotify and other streaming services with my band Rapalje.

From a young age, sound and music were very important to me. I would listen to the first records and recordings of the musicians I liked with headphones, trying to understand the magic behind the sounds that I loved. This passion led me to become a musician and eventually form the band Rapalje.

The main reason I make music is because it connects people. It creates a language that everyone speaks and understands, and music has the power to bring people together. With the many performances of Rapalje, I’ve had a lot of experience with sound, of course.

In search of good sound

Sound has to be good, and I know a lot about the sound of an acoustic musical instrument as it is intended. With Rapalje, we’ve developed our own chanters, flutes, and especially singing.

Through performing at festivals, theaters, and venues, we discovered the importance of sound and how to best reproduce it. Our goal as musicians has always been to not let the sound system take away from the music and instruments themselves. However, reproducing that live sound in a sound system can be challenging, and I’ve made it my mission to bridge that gap as much as possible.

In these videos, I want to give you the opportunity to enjoy music the way I did when I first walked into an Irish pub O’Ceallaigh in Groningen and saw the musicians playing and singing around me, and being able to participate in that myself. Not everyone has this luxury at home, but a good sound system can bring that experience quite close.

Music connects

It’s been important to me for a long time that people can enjoy the sounds as the musicians intended and to connect people through music. I started the band and we play Celtic music, as it’s a language that many people around the world understand.

Do you have a question?

So if you have a question or want to know something about sound, write it in the comments and I will read them all and I will try to make a video with the answer. I can give examples of how sound works, what makes a good sound system, how sound is produced from the musician through a microphone in a studio to your ears at home, and show you different ways to connect sound