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Sound set “Pixi”

 375 incl BTW

10 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

10 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

"Klinkt als magie"

What’s in the box:

  • 2 Pixi luidsprekers
  • 2 x 5 m  cable
  • subwoofer with cover, amplifier and connections
  • 24v. power supply

You can connect you music with:

  • USB stick
  • 3,5 mm headphone plug
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi multi room system
  • LAN cable
  • more connection upgrades possible

Technical details

  • The main loudspeakers measure 7 x 7 x 7 cm and are 3D printed with weatherproof material
  • The subwoofer measures 28 x 28 x 16 cm.
  • Broad frequency responce: 38-21.000 Hz.

User manual English Visit Arylic to find out how this system works